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All Akali Skins Spotlight 2020 (League of Legends)

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All Akali Skins Spotlight 2020 (League of Legends)
This video contains skins spotlight for all Akali skins since 2010 to 2020, the latest being True Damage Akali, also contains the latest vfx update for Nurse Akali.

00:00 Nurse Akali – 975 RP
01:38 True Damage Akali – 1350 RP
03:26 PROJECT: Akali – 1350 RP
05:02 K/DA Akali – 1350 RP
06:37 Prestige K/DA Akali – Special Price
08:13 Sashimi Akali – 750 RP
09:49 Headhunter Akali – 1350 RP
11:25 Silverfang Akali – 975 RP
13:00 Blood Moon Akali – 975 RP
14:37 All-Star Akali – 975 RP
16:11 Infernal Akali – 520 RP
17:48 Stinger Akali – 520 RP
19:25 Original Akali – 3150 BE x 790 RP

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  1. firecube iof 12 months ago

    I guess the best are Kda Prestige and normal, True damage and Projekt

  2. Mikail Altintaç 12 months ago

    What’s updated I can’t see the diffrences?

  3. BOSS 12 months ago

    I have every skin and chroma on akali :3

  4. Cristian R.A. 12 months ago

    Uffff Akali headhunter

  5. Hx Gaming 12 months ago

    Im still good at akali tho, only thing is her energy usage…the q consumes alot, inshort you have to be precise about doing all ins, like a true assasin

  6. Chapeau de Plumes 12 months ago

    She need's nerf

  7. Klémort 12 months ago

    people who use kda akali prestige or normal always be tryharding with her

  8. Rafael C. C. 12 months ago

    My favourite one is Blood Moon. I love it.

  9. Skilhy 12 months ago

    Nice that they update 520 rp skins

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