Bakugan Battle Brawlers Game Evolution [2006-2018]

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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Game Evolution [2006-2018]
1:Bakugan Battle Brawlers JP [2006]

2:Bakugan Battle Brawlers [2009]

3:Bakugan Battle Brawlers DS [2009]

4:Bakugan Battle Brawlers:Battle Trainer [2010]

5:Bakugan Dimensions [2010]

6:Bakugan Battle Brawlers:Arcade Battler [2010]

7:Bakugan:Defenders Of The Core [2010]

8:Bakugan:Defenders Of The Core DS [2010]

9:Bakugan:Rise Of The Resistance [2011]

10:Bakugan Battle Brawlers:Legendary Warriors [2012]

11:Bakugan Battle:Planet Battle Arena [2018]

12:Bakugan Battle Planet App [2018]
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  1. Kermigger 10 months ago

    Damn it's been getting worse since brawlers.

  2. Garrett Keller 10 months ago

    I had played bakugan dimensions and I was one of the few who had dragonoid colossus that I saw

  3. CJ’s Poetry 10 months ago

    Someone make a petition to remakes these games!!!!

  4. Hason Mohamed 10 months ago


  5. ACUARIUS67 leviatan 10 months ago

    Que nostalgia

  6. tan yourself 10 months ago

    I wish they would've put alice in a game! Also runo,julie,alice should've been in the 2nd game

  7. Stephan Heafey 10 months ago

    Who else misses leonidas

  8. Evan Artist 10 months ago

    The first Bakugan game was honestly the best, it felt like you were actually playing the game and it told an original story. When It first came out I had hoped they’d make a sequel set within the next season “New Vestoria” and continue the story of the custom character and Leonidas within the new setting. Oh and for a completely original Bakugan in the game, Leonidas is kickass. But Nope. Completely scrapped. And the quality of each game kept going down and further away from the actual Game of Bakugan.

  9. Cntooturk Taha 10 months ago

    Dimensions 🙁

  10. Farhan Rafique 10 months ago

    The first bakugan game was my favorite, but i dont know about the other ones

  11. marqus galloway 10 months ago

    Who also had a hard time to picking an attribute in the 2006 game

  12. Aisha Aisha 10 months ago

    I hate seeing New versions of somethink i loved :< and im not Talking only abut the games other stuff too

  13. Ninjartistic 10 months ago

    Battle Brawlers on the DS is the best just for the music.

  14. Axel Am 10 months ago

    Bakugan did rise of the resistance before Disneyland 🤘🏽

  15. Kite tenjo [gallade knight/toshiki kai] 10 months ago

    I had both versions of bakugan battle brawlers for my wii and DS. But, they are gone now

    I still feel sadden

  16. animefan20 Z 10 months ago

    The 2009 game was such an blast it was like playing an episode of the game

  17. Shiny's Support 10 months ago

    2006 and 2009 are some of my favorite games I ever played, so weird a game about rolling balls would be so fun

  18. Ilusiones Stags 10 months ago

    en vez de evolucionar la cagaron el de ps2 era el mejor

  19. Silver Hound 10 months ago

    I miss the original

  20. Stoica Catalin 10 months ago

    Look how they massacred my boy

  21. Spooky 10 months ago

    is it just me or does it seem like the games have actually gotten worse and worse? I still have Battle Brawlers on my Wii and it’s great!

  22. Luke Skywalker 10 months ago

    I love the first and t dotc

  23. radiant 10 months ago

    bakugan defenders of the core is still one of my fave games of my childhood

  24. Terra Wind 10 months ago

    I had the Bakugan : Defenders Of The Core on my PSP till today and man, so far thats the best Bakugan game cause you have full control on your Bakugan, unlike any other Bakugan games there, the interactions are limited. But so far for me.

  25. А Р И Я 10 months ago

    The new Bakugan game is king of crap

  26. TheGen_YT 10 months ago

    Bakugan Battle Brawlers [2009] and Bakugan:Defenders Of The Core [2010] are
    the best

  27. kola the zangoose [stand user shy female] 10 months ago

    wait a minute if the game was made in 06 what was the whole point of releasing the game if nobody heard of it till the anime came out in 09

  28. Omar Mahmoud 10 months ago

    The 2006 Bakugan was the best by far

  29. K.G.A 10 months ago

    how does the 2006 bakugan game look and most likely is better and more fun to play then the newer ones. PLEASE GIVE ME A REMAKE I WANNA PLAY IT.

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