Coeus – The Mirror Game (Original Mix)

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Coeus – The Mirror Game (Original Mix) [ODDITY RECORDS]

It has been quite a year for Serbian Coeus, The Mirror Game is finally out after being played for more than one year by the biggest in the techno scene.

Having already released two highly respected and well received VA’s, Fur Coat’s Oddity returns with “Odd Echoes Vol.3”.

The most comprehensive offering to date, the VA features twenty original tracks from
artists already synonymous with the label, as well as some new and exciting talent.
Fur Coat’s continued dedication to their label has resulted in a rapidly growing catalogue of anticipated releases.

By focussing on unearthing emerging artists within the scene whilst putting forward their own sound and that of established figures, the imprint has continued to go from strength to strength.
Throughout the package, we are greeted with what we have come to know and love from Oddity.
Twenty original tracks, mostly from first timers on the label, which span a real breath of melodic techno sounds. It seems that each artist involved has developed their own signature sound and the VA is compiled in a way that really takes you on a journey.
In the earlier stages artists highlight a more down tempo and reserved sound easing us into the work. Approaching the mid section of the release we start to see the artists focusing on tracks that are more driving, with a faster pace, clearly aimed for club use.

Rounding off the VA, tracks are characterised with faster beats, atmospheric builds and enlightening moments to create records that any dance floor will be hungry for. All in all its an impressive VA, both in the size of the contributions, but also in the array of sounds explored by all involved.

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  1. Sekizz Tpl 10 months ago

    Solomun bring me here!

  2. Leila Gonzalez 10 months ago

    Solomun 30-11-19!

  3. Hugo Stiglitz 10 months ago

    I ve been looking for this since Plages Electro 2019 OMG!!!

  4. Daniel Pugliese 10 months ago

    Osa osa – Recondite

  5. Menta Founta Kai Wu 10 months ago

    At last! OMG! I was waiting for this since Off Wekk 2019! Adriatique blew my head off with this track!

  6. Livio Radu Matei 10 months ago

    Life after corona ✌️

  7. L' Intouchable 10 months ago

    Nemanja, Nemanja. Pa gde baš Osu da dekneš. Inače dobra stvar.

  8. Alexander Schäfer 10 months ago

    Awesome track!!!!

  9. Alex Nechifor 10 months ago

    Such a rip off. Recondite would be proud of this track.

  10. Ryan Farrugia 10 months ago

    The Miror Game, a fitting name for a track copying Recondite's track, OSA –

  11. Roblo Ibiza 10 months ago

    Nice track!!!

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