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English conversations for sales, restaurant:
1. I’m sorry, to have kept you waiting.
2. I’m sorry, but we don’t accept dollars.
3. I’m sorry, but this is the largest one we have in stock right now.
4. I’m sorry, but this is the largest one we carry in this department.
5. I’m sorry, but this is the last one we have at the moment.
6. I’m sorry, but they are out of stock right now.
7. We’re very sorry for the delay.
8. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.
9. We’re very sorry for the mix-up (confusion).
10. I’m afraid it’s a little too big for you.
11. We’re very sorry we don’t.
12. We’re very sorry we don’t have it now.
13. We’re very sorry we couldn’t help you.
14. Please call again.
15. How are you doing?
16. How do you like it?
17. It sure looks good on you.
18. It suits you pretty well.
19. I think this color (style, design, pattern) is well-suited for this shirt.
20. It seems to me that this tablecloth goes well with that kind of Chinaware.
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  1. quang dinhhuu 10 months ago

    dịch không sát nghĩa

  2. NGỌC ANH HUỲNH THỊ 10 months ago

    cám ơn tác giả về video này ạ, và thông cảm cho mình góp ý chút ạ
    43. Chúng tôi không thể giảm nhiều hơn 10%….mới đúng chứ ạ? Đánh sai chữ rồi ạ. Thông cảm bỏ qua nếu mình nhận xét này nha tác giả hii

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