Fairy Tail Online Hero's Journey | 30K Gold Recharge ~ Fire Dragon Mount

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Since I am casually playing I recharge 10K Gold for Aries and 20K Gold for the Fire Dragon Mount. Guess it makes me the first person in the game who would recharge this much for a cosmetic mount lol.

Also Server 4 is out today.

Day 1 ~
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  1. Rizahri 10 months ago

    make a video talking how he would probably not recharge more, proceed to recharge 30 k the next day, love you kaizer xD

  2. Jeabmina Family 10 months ago

    how to get aquarius

  3. RIP Myself 10 months ago

    Sees the profile… level 46 with almost 100k in cp

    meanwhile in my profile…
    am only lvl 41 and got 43~44k in power…
    being f2p is hard :/

  4. HIDE 10 months ago

    esta bueno ttu canal pero no entiendo una goma xD

  5. Epic Gamer 10 months ago

    Same has naruto online and bleach online

  6. Nathaniel Cotton 10 months ago

    Lovely video, keep them coming! Loving the game and watching you play it

  7. Frozen Toad 10 months ago

    Kaizer Do you spit money if you do…. You will say I will spit on you! (dead meme reference)

  8. Emilis 10 months ago

    Will you create a new guild in this server?

  9. Kozo Sudo 10 months ago

    Recharge simulator :))

  10. Treason AE 10 months ago


  11. Hypereia 10 months ago

    This is glorious. Wonder how many people you just made salty on your server with that recharge.

  12. Arsyad 10 months ago

    maybe you should start playing unlimited ninja bro

  13. notsammy_lx 10 months ago


  14. Genaro Gonzalez 10 months ago

    is it good or bad that i got midnight from a regular 10 pull?

  15. Marvin 10 months ago

    How much is 30k Gold in this Game in $?

  16. BlueFlare 10 months ago

    He brokeguys! The game broke him!And were not surprised ~ 😀

  17. Seto King 10 months ago

    Kaizer the f2p goat

  18. 대박 10 months ago

    Casually playing > Recharges 30k. Kaizer things haha xD

  19. IchiGo Kurosaki 10 months ago

    hell ya we want more,fairy tail is love fairy tail is life :3 keeeep bringing more videos kaizer 😀

  20. Snoweer 10 months ago

    It will be nice to watch 🙂 More from this episode and longer :V

  21. Lil shak 10 months ago

    momma i made it im in a kaizer video if you look in the bottom left corner in the chat 8:11 im slade lol

  22. thatweirdkidfromschool 10 months ago

    The fact that you can get Wendy without putting a dime into this game suprised me

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