Fairy Tail Online Hero's Journey | 30K Gold Recharge ~ Fire Dragon Mount

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Since I am casually playing I recharge 10K Gold for Aries and 20K Gold for the Fire Dragon Mount. Guess it makes me the first person in the game who would recharge this much for a cosmetic mount lol.

Also Server 4 is out today.

Day 1 ~
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  1. Rizahri 8 months ago

    make a video talking how he would probably not recharge more, proceed to recharge 30 k the next day, love you kaizer xD

  2. Jeabmina Family 8 months ago

    how to get aquarius

  3. RIP Myself 8 months ago

    Sees the profile… level 46 with almost 100k in cp

    meanwhile in my profile…
    am only lvl 41 and got 43~44k in power…
    being f2p is hard :/

  4. HIDE 8 months ago

    esta bueno ttu canal pero no entiendo una goma xD

  5. Epic Gamer 8 months ago

    Same has naruto online and bleach online

  6. Nathaniel Cotton 8 months ago

    Lovely video, keep them coming! Loving the game and watching you play it

  7. Frozen Toad 8 months ago

    Kaizer Do you spit money if you do…. You will say I will spit on you! (dead meme reference)

  8. Emilis 8 months ago

    Will you create a new guild in this server?

  9. Kozo Sudo 8 months ago

    Recharge simulator :))

  10. Treason AE 8 months ago


  11. Hypereia 8 months ago

    This is glorious. Wonder how many people you just made salty on your server with that recharge.

  12. Arsyad 8 months ago

    maybe you should start playing unlimited ninja bro

  13. notsammy_lx 8 months ago


  14. Genaro Gonzalez 8 months ago

    is it good or bad that i got midnight from a regular 10 pull?

  15. Marvin 8 months ago

    How much is 30k Gold in this Game in $?

  16. BlueFlare 8 months ago

    He brokeguys! The game broke him!And were not surprised ~ 😀

  17. Seto King 8 months ago

    Kaizer the f2p goat

  18. 대박 8 months ago

    Casually playing > Recharges 30k. Kaizer things haha xD

  19. IchiGo Kurosaki 8 months ago

    hell ya we want more,fairy tail is love fairy tail is life :3 keeeep bringing more videos kaizer 😀

  20. Snoweer 8 months ago

    It will be nice to watch 🙂 More from this episode and longer :V

  21. Lil shak 8 months ago

    momma i made it im in a kaizer video if you look in the bottom left corner in the chat 8:11 im slade lol

  22. thatweirdkidfromschool 8 months ago

    The fact that you can get Wendy without putting a dime into this game suprised me

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