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Grim Dawn – Crafting and Tips

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Lots of people kept asking me how I got my gear…the answer? Only a small portion of it is found and the rest is crafted. Grim Dawn is a highly customizable game allowing you to tamper with the game files and do small tricks in order to get an advantage in terms of resources. They do not store files on server-side so you can do pretty much everything you want. Don’t like tampering with the original game? Totally fine, you can farm for items or the ingredients required for crafting just as good. All in all, this video is designed to help you take advantage of the blacksmith feature in Grim Dawn.


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  1. slicplaya 10 months ago


  2. Dream Date 10 months ago

    legit or dont play.. fail

  3. Crit Langford 10 months ago

    hey man what accent you using to speak with?

  4. Marcin Romanowski 10 months ago

    Hello Bo Dallas 😀

  5. UbanCZ 10 months ago

    SOftCore 😀 😀

  6. Apolo 10 months ago

    You are all cheaters thats all.

  7. Peter Samyn 10 months ago

    ty for answers  m8 i have all figured out , but i need some items like blueprints slaughter and mask of delirum and .. , u got any of these to spare plz ?

  8. Peter Samyn 10 months ago

    Can u also copy items from 1 char to another : so i have 1 duelist sabre but i need 2  if yes can u explane how plz ? ty

  9. Peter Samyn 10 months ago

    Hello, i have now 7 chars @ lvl40 , how come i dont see them in the folder you showed , i only see 2of 5 how come ?

  10. Peter Samyn 10 months ago

    Hello; i have now 7chars @ lvl 40 and i dont only see 2 of the the specific folder that you showed . how come ?

  11. fatknacker46 10 months ago

    I really should watch ALL your GD vids before asking daft questions 😀    This has been a BIG help for me getting some decent gear, so cheers mate.

  12. gk0akaiser 10 months ago

    Thank you for sharing the tips. But you should tell folks to turn off cloudsaving if they're gonna do this. Please don't ask me how I know…

  13. Tridord 10 months ago

    That would be a lot of farming, blueprints are random drops and lately they drop chance has been improved for bosses.

  14. Josef Sle 10 months ago

    How did you get so many blueprints ?

  15. Iwishcotton Wasamonkey 10 months ago

    Thank You Tridord! I feel so dumb i have been running around trying to find rare blue- prints for chest and shoulder armor. Thanks for these tips, thanks to you i now am the proud owner of a Rampage Splinted Surcoat of the Dranghoul.

    Also how do you craft the item without having to remove it first? In the latest build each time i click combine i have to remove the item from the drafting window before crafting another, you seem to craft items instantly and make them go into your inventory, how do you do that?

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