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How to Play AZIR MID for Beginners | AZIR Guide Season 10 | League of Legends

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How to Play AZIR MID for Beginners | AZIR Guide Season 10 | League of Legends is focused on playing Azir and the purpose of this video is to explain the essentials of how to play Azir and why he is a great mid laner to play, if you are into the mid role. Remember to Like, Comment & Subscribe!

Runes: 1:00
Item build:
⚔️ Nashor’s Tooth
⚔️ Morellicons
⚔️ Sorcerer’s Shoes
⚔️ Rabadon’s Deathcap
⚔️ Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
⚔️ Void Staff
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  1. Beast sama 11 months ago

    I’m a Xerath main but I’ve hit a wall with him in diamond and I need to start playing with someone that is not only good for dps

  2. Xander pawz 11 months ago

    please edit your videos, you rambled about his w for 6 whole minutes, after showcasing and explaining the ability in under 20 seconds.

  3. K. K. 11 months ago

    He is not very hard. Atleast in low elo where the enemies are trash

  4. mohamed medhat 11 months ago

    thanks for you efforts this video helped me a lot

  5. Zanodia 11 months ago

    I think that he's a good mix of Oriana and Heimerdinger.

  6. Sena R 11 months ago

    As usual your videos helped me a lot. Since Azir is currently a free champ rn I had a chance to play him but it was difficult for a beginners like me lol. I got rekt real hard.

  7. Manuel_Elastico 11 months ago

    Can u mute the chat next time cause everyone is so annoying. Ur trying to explain something and people over here are crying

  8. Rudy858 11 months ago

    I know im late, but your videos are amazing! your really nice and i hope to see more content.

  9. 904 king k 11 months ago

    lol i thought his passive was his ult

  10. 904 king k 11 months ago

    to join is it like 1 time or per month im broke but u go over the stuff pretty well so i wanna support

  11. Karim Ilso 11 months ago

    thanxs bro for helping us

  12. MyNdFrEaK420 11 months ago

    Your shirt game is on point

  13. Andras Bence 11 months ago

    You are legit so wholesome. Personally calling out subscribers who asked for the content. And also you really helped me and others to start learning this champ <3 ty.

  14. Zero 9 11 months ago

    Thank you for the video just wanted to play Azir but didn't know how to begin 😮 It's a sub for me keep going ! 🙂

  15. Petar Dobrev 11 months ago

    Hey MipZ, I want to play azir but I am scared from the combos. I use 3 finger on QWE and my index on the R and E together. Do you play like that or with just 4 fingers?

  16. MiniPixel 11 months ago

    I love this video!

  17. Maks Fabiszak 11 months ago

    My faviorite…

    Actualy Need skill not just click Q

  18. TheMrCream ‘ 11 months ago

    Late comment but, everytime I play Azir I can pull off really good Azir secs but a lot of the times i just die doing it. Seems like i have to suicide every big teamfight lol

  19. Peter The King 11 months ago

    Bro can u please make a quide video elise jungle?
    Or can u tell us what is ur main champ and make video guide on him? ( fun video )

  20. Kayn The Shadow Reaper 11 months ago

    Just noticed its a bird vs bird mid

  21. huno four 11 months ago

    As an azir main i would rather hope that you guys will take thunderlord and only lethal tempo when you have a winning matchup, because wiht thunderlord you can poke your enemy with (w aa q aa ) and have an nice early, mid and late dmg. wiht lethal tempo you can poke to, but your early dmg is kinda bad. So against zed you will defenitly lose wiht lethal temp when hes lvl 6 but wiht thunderlord you can poke him down in early so you will get more gold and probably a lvl lead.

    But dont be frustradet if you will INT/FEED your first games anyway becasue azir is kinda hard and you need a team for it to be at max strenght.

    The things what you should look at yourself when you start learn him is to kite wiht him the enemys down. Azir has a good range and a lot of dmg, so when you can kite the enemys wiht your soldiers aways you will definitly deal more dmg then your adc because when you have nashors, rylays / zhonyas (hard matchup like zed zhonyas before rylays)(basic items) you will slow them down so god damm hard that you will be a 1v9 mashine when you cant get engaged.

    Runes are: (i dont know the eng version so i hope that will help XD )
    Thunderlord Yellow
    right left
    right left

    (take lost chapter wiht you as first item !but dont finish it! (you can sell it later anyways) becasue of the early manaprob

    hope i didnt forgot anything and good luck with playing him 🙂

  22. Jacob Ettress 11 months ago

    He’s hard to learn? I’m new to league and averaged 1-3 kd it when I played azir I got a grasp of him first game and went up to 7-4, not saying I’m good but he’s really not hard to learn In my oppinion

  23. Ραφαήλ Σαλιάρης 11 months ago

    Maxing q?

  24. Cyrolocker 1 11 months ago

    I’m interested in why you picked lethal tempo over conquerors

  25. Jakub Bryszkowski 11 months ago

    More videos bro, u are doing a great job 👌👌😎

  26. MOBA GAMING 11 months ago

    29:59 nami flipped around like a dead fish

  27. MOBA GAMING 11 months ago

    26:58 oh ur approaching me
    morde za wardo
    azir muadadadadadaddadadadadad

  28. MOBA GAMING 11 months ago

    azir in urf shurima legacy my time has come

  29. MOBA GAMING 11 months ago

    noo he is not god thing lol he was the king of shurima but his slave xerath betrayed him so he lives like nasus

  30. Freedom o.O 11 months ago

    Yet another amazing vid! Keep it up mippy 😀

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