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Every got injured skating? Twisted your ankle? In this video I go over some tips to recover quickly from skateboarding injuries. Make sure to like, subscribe, and comment down any advice you have with healing from skate injuries as well!

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  1. David Obernesser 9 months ago

    U gotta play skate 3

  2. Benny Heflinger 9 months ago

    I am on a similar agenda. I chipped my tooth in the past fell on my face. So I recently been back at skateboarding. This time I got a MOUTHGUARD, PRO-TEC RETRO STREET (KNEEGUARD, ELBOW, WRISTGUARD, HELMET). I was skating street with all this sh!7 as fast I can and fukt up all the equipment 3 days ago and i punched my chest and it hurts when i caugh or laugh. I lost my laugh. This women screamed out like john f kennedys assaniation. So there was brusing and scratches not thst much blood on my head and knuckle. .. …oh u got the same exact etnies as me the marnana. So that was my worst fall and i got internal chest pains im healing……im getting tailbone shorts….

  3. Ser Davos, of House Seaworth, the Onion Knight 9 months ago

    Recently started skating again, and following your video on common kick flip mistakes, started landing them consistently for the first time. Then immediately broke my elbow so thanks for this video haha

  4. Dylan.J Moore 9 months ago

    Thanks Sean great video

  5. Jonathan Tomas 9 months ago

    Why did this man Loki looked like he can be a doctor lol

  6. ひひ Reckless 9 months ago

    One of the things I can’t seem to figure out is Ollieing on hills. For some reason when I Ollie on a hill I can’t Ollie. When I Ollie on normal flat ground I can do it easily while moving and go over objects. Any advice on Ollie on hills. I can shuv it, pop shuv, and kickflip. I just can’t get my ollies down on hills.

  7. Alisha T 9 months ago

    Nice socks

  8. Wyatt FL!P 9 months ago

    I dont get how I see videos where skaters will land on their ankle and it snaps sideways but it doesnt fracture it just seems to sprain. Last summer I tried to do a pop shuv it and I landed wrong, ankle snapped sideways and broke in 3 places, I was screwed for 2 1/2 good months.

  9. GlassicalAce 9 months ago

    This is an appropriate video for me to watch, as I suffered a knee injury over a week ago. Unfortunately, I need to get an MRI this week as my knee feels like it’s slipping, and that it’s about to give out when I put weight on it when it’s mostly extended. Thanks anyways Sean! I’ll show this to my younger skate friends.

  10. Sayla McClure 9 months ago

    Thanks for this video. It usually helps me to rest for a bit, the stretch and get back into it. Thank you for this video, it really helps!

    Also, why doesn’t he have more subscribers?

  11. Primo 9 months ago

    I rolled my ankle a week ago and i heard a SNAP too. Have to wear a brace for a second week and am allowed to skate in like 4 weeks which fucking sucks

  12. Alias Sobriquet 9 months ago

    Have you ever tried DKL grip? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, would you consider reviewing it?

  13. Plainmatthew 9 months ago

    Literally twisted my ankle last week trying to ollie a 4 stair

  14. Dab3s 9 months ago

    Thanks for the vid bro, I’ve been sidelined with an ankle injury for about a month. Tbh, I never really took care of it well when it first happened. I doesn’t hurt when i walk but when i stretch it definitely still hurts, should i still be icing it and compressing?

  15. Esaitheeflyツ 9 months ago

    This video basically told me I’m doing everything wrong.

  16. Omar daly 9 months ago

    I fucked up my knee, just before summer is about to start and I almost have a heelflip.. FML

  17. Destroya _ 9 months ago

    I just fucked up my ankle. You are a god 👍

  18. Elijah ThaSlime 9 months ago

    Thank you for the video! Rolled my ankle on a heelflip landing primo last week. You the goat

  19. DxJhonz 913 9 months ago

    I injured my knee by a grass that grew through a crack, I actually fell forward and felt really dumb by using my knee to stop myself from eating shit, but backfired really bad, my knee bounced off the concrete twice… And it really hurt everytime I bend it…

  20. Santiago Omegna 9 months ago


  21. Jens Van Cauter 9 months ago


  22. Markuss Bruh 9 months ago

    A video we didn’t want, but we needed🥵🤘🏼

  23. TheSodaThief 9 months ago

    #helmetgang Who tf wants a concussion just to look cool lmao

  24. Fly With Johnny Thai 9 months ago

    RICE. Easy for me to remember. Literally just rolled my ankle landing primo thanks for this bro

  25. André Lucas Vieira 9 months ago

    My ankle have been injured for more then two weeks, I was just trying a flatgroung tre flip. I miss skateboarding

  26. PHeMoX 9 months ago

    Yeah any of the skate games would be cool! Session, Skater XL, Skate 3 (or really any), maybe some Tony Hawk Underground (although to be fair, the Tony Hawk games haven't aged that well, so might not be as much fun for you). I do hope it'll remain largely real skateboarding on this channel, but feel free to do whatever. I'd probably watch the videogame content too when it is skateboarding related. Good video on injuries too, I think people are often too eager to get back on the skateboard again. The hardest thing about injuries for sure.

  27. Harry Bawlsak 9 months ago

    im a simple man, i see sean brown video, i click

  28. OmarSkate 9 months ago

    Notification gang

  29. Micah Hildebrand 9 months ago

    First love the vids I literally was searching for vids titled this last night I keep rolling my ankle

  30. KeDt 9 months ago


  31. Alesha Dewberry 9 months ago

    first 😎

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