PopStar! – Free Game Review Gameplay Trailer for iPhone iPad iPod

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Once you pop, you can’t stop!

PopStar! is/was
#1 board game in Japan,
#1 board game in France,
#1 board game in Hong Kong,
#1 board game in China,
#1 board game in Singapore,
#1 board game in Taiwan,
#1 board game in Malaysia,
#1 board game in Luxembourg,
#1 board game in Macau,
#1 board game in Uruguay and so on.

Fantastic fun!!! ★★★★★(Phlegm Hacker)
“Now my current favorite game! Strategic, addictive and challenging fun for everyone! Replay value is high! I keep improving! This should be on everyone’s iPhone! Good job!”

ADDICTING!!!!! ★★★★★(3rdcoasthoney)
“I really love this game. it’s very addicting!! Can’t put it down. I play it everyday!”

PopStar! ★★★★★(silvercream)
“PopStar! is the best game I’ve ever played on my iPod Touch. This game is so addicting and I love this game ALOT.”


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  1. Hailey Stan 9 months ago
    Reply This is the link to download the game. don't forget to enter my referral code NH7TWJX upon sign up to get 300 coins 😁

  2. Redd tv 9 months ago

    n Cash!

  3. YouOpaOpa 9 months ago

    So this is basically Sega Swirl

  4. Hengsimeng 12346 9 months ago


  5. anjun sang 9 months ago

  6. Geckolor Inc. 9 months ago

    Pop Monster Star is more funny and exciting.

  7. iGameplay1337 9 months ago

    Check out the playlist in video description for more Great Free iOS Games! Thanks for watching!

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