Poster Design Critique – The Futur Game of Thrones Challenge 3/3

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Vote the winner of Round 3:

How do these minimal posters measure up for the Game of Thrones poster design challenge? Chris Do and Matthew Encina provide constructive criticism, tips and advice on designers who submitted their posters for review.

This is the final round of our Unofficial Futur Game of Thrones Design challenge. A series of graphic design challenges to help you develop your skills and level up.

In this episode, we review a selection of the top 50 entries from the #FuturGOTchallenge 3/3. In this live stream, we critique your wordmark designs and select our top 5 choices for you to vote on.

See all the details and vote for your favorite wordmark here:


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Host– Chris Do
Cinematography– Aaron Szekely, Mark Contreras
Live Editor– Jona Garcia
Editor– Stewart Schuster, Mark Contreras, Aaron Szekely
Futur Theme Music – Adam Sanborne
Typefaces: Futura, Din, Helvetica Neue
Futur theme song— Adam Sanborne


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  1. The Futur Academy 11 months ago

    YOUR votes are in. The Grand prize winner of the #FuturGOTChallenge is… Kento Yoshida! This guy showed up to every challenge with multiple entries that were always solid. Congrats for taking the lead with 15 total points from all 3 rounds.

    Also, shout out to the runner ups, it was a very close race: Lillian Figeroa, Newton Llorente, Jason Tucker, and Kendra Willford.

    Thank you, everyone, who participated and grew from the experience. What kind of challenge should we do next?

  2. Ben Berry 11 months ago

    wow i thought this was a current episode because of the mask haha

  3. Daniel Rosheuvel 11 months ago

    Decided to take a crack at graphic design tbh I don't have an artistic background but I'm glad I found this channel

  4. Valkyron 11 months ago

    They said minimalistic poster but a lot of the improvements they were suggesting were very details heavy, is that just me?

    I feel like I don’t know what minimalism is anymore lol

  5. RedEx 11 months ago

    This is should be an age restriction video. Bcs it's basically porn

  6. RedEx 11 months ago

    Chris and Mattew, what a duo

  7. Kajal Baliyan 11 months ago

    I think the poster by Alex buttler has quite meaning in there. I think the lady in the centre ie Margery Tyrell and on right of her is Jofery ( recognised him from his posture in the poster, similar to the show ) and on left of her is Tommen ( Jofery's brother ) and this is because she married both of them. The green texture in the background is wildfire in which Margery died.

  8. Kendra Williford 11 months ago

    Guys the suspense is terrible!!

  9. ginner zapata 11 months ago

    for gods sake! that was Robert in the battle of the Trident!

  10. HeroG9000 11 months ago

    That last House Tully one is definitely a reference to the red wedding.

  11. Ervin Tsay 11 months ago

    21:38 mathew greatest hype man

  12. Ravi Hooda 11 months ago

    The green at 24:55 is quick fire. Which Cersei used to blow the sept and the whole Tyrell house with it.

  13. shawn burke 11 months ago

    Was kinda annoyed by most of the critics s. Especially since you guys didn’t know much about the show.

  14. Viktor & Oskar 11 months ago

    Didn't get accepted to school back here in Sweden, This channel is legit educating me!
    Thanks y'all!

  15. VRTV 11 months ago

    Some very nice posters there, also some bad ones, still great work all in all.

  16. Eloy García 11 months ago

    Kinda sad that the Tyrell landscape poster didn't get into the top 5. I really like that one. I know it's missing some depth, but it was beautiful and has some The Legend of Zelda vibes that I love.

  17. chubichi chu 11 months ago

    For the Tyrell poster, I think that in the middle is Margaery and the two kings next to her are Joffrey and Tommen, which she was married to (she was a really good manipulator) and that green mark is the wildfire because of what she died caused by Cersei.

  18. Royal Eight 11 months ago

    Lillian Figueroa was the best.

  19. Aashish Singha 11 months ago

    Please do Black Mirror Design challange

  20. GridWiseSarah 11 months ago

    Interesting submissions! I love being able to "sit in" on these critiques. So much valuable content here! Taking notes to apply to my own work. Will participate in your next challenge. I realize it takes tons of behind-the-scenes work to do these contests. Thank you all! Much appreciated 👏

  21. Cailum Earley 11 months ago

    Awesome project to work on and brilliant stream once again! Buzzing to have made the top 5 and thank you for the critique on all of the entries, I picked up lots of tips yet again 🙂

  22. Rohit Agarwal 11 months ago

    The design baratheon, It's similar to the lead character of anime series 'the ancient magus bride'

  23. Ouiem Chedly 11 months ago

    if the sword was inside the mouth of the wolf as if he's holding it maybe

  24. ChitownPlr 11 months ago

    The cover of the game Sea of Thieves is an excellent example of the silhouette/negative space creating a secondary image.

  25. The Futur Academy 11 months ago

    The top 5 have been chosen. Now you can vote for the winner of this round, so we can tally up all the points and announce the grand prize winner:

  26. Kendra Williford 11 months ago

    I really enjoyed the stream today, I feel really honored to have made it into the top five. I was SO excited to work on this submission. Honestly the research itself is a great part of the fun for me.

    Thanks so much @the futur academy for all of your info and especially the critiques you give. These challenges are so fun and inspiring. They mean a lot to me.

  27. Mink 11 months ago

    I believe the green in the House Tyrell poster is representing the wildfire explosion caused by Cersei

  28. Alex Hartan 11 months ago

    LOL Matthew wearing the human equivalent of the dog cone

  29. Charaf Eddine 11 months ago

    I should have worked harder on this but even then i couldn't compete with those awesome designers, illustrations and posters are not in my area of expertise but i had to participate and try new things with this great community the FUTUR has created. I really appreciate you guys for having me in the FUTUR and being part of this is more than enough thank you guys and good luck for the top 5

  30. Adam Harris 11 months ago

    This was a lot of fun! Thanks for the feed back. I didnt realize my designs appeared so dark because my monitors have them lit up more, wish I had know so I could have made an adjustment.

    I do also want to mention that in your design brief video you did not mention using the wordmark or sigil, which is why I think people didnt include it. I realize it is in your written rules and I should have read that as well. But lesson learned for the next challenge.

    Thanks you to all the people at The Futur for doing this!

  31. inevergohungry 11 months ago

    I was a bit confused at the comments made toward the flat designs like the design from Kyle Daily. It’s a design style and was a nice break from the gradients, etc. it’s important in our criticisms that we aren’t only keeping our personal preferences in mind.

  32. Pala Lor 11 months ago

    I really love love love the 2nd design.

  33. Cuban Nerd 11 months ago

    It was fun working on this project. 👍 It is Robert Baratheon during his glory days and it was depicting the battle where he kills Rhaegar Targaryen. A friend mentioned Robert's Warhammer and that lead me to read about the Battle of The Trident and Robert's Rebellion. I think I enjoyed the research more so than the design itself. 😁 It made me want to pick up the books. Thank you for the feedback.

  34. Yacoub Yassin 11 months ago

    The second poster; I think he's one of the founders of House Baratheon, not Gendry.

  35. william youngblood 11 months ago

    I'm feeling really bummed out right now, but it was a great learning experience. I will use it to keep getting better. Thanks for the opportunity it was a fun ride.

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