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Why can't you divide by zero? – TED-Ed

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In the world of math, many strange results are possible when we change the rules. But there’s one rule that most of us have been warned not to break: don’t divide by zero. How can the simple combination of an everyday number and a basic operation cause such problems?

Lesson by TED-Ed, animation by Nick Hilditch.

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  1. TED-Ed 9 months ago

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  2. CarBoy 9 months ago

    i'd like to say this: try 3/0. imagine writing a 2D graph of 3/x. you'll find 2 curves that are opposite to each other, and the y coordinate higher as the x coordinate goes all the way to 0. what happens at 0 is that it is at (0, ∞). but also, 0 is both a positive AND a negative number. so, you also get (0, -∞). and this literally goes for all the graphs for n/0 (in this case n was 3). so the solution, in the end, is both +∞ and -∞. me 1, you 0. haha.

  3. Peteram Nanghee 9 months ago

    0 (divide) x ≠[or=] infinty.

  4. Peteram Nanghee 9 months ago

    0 divide x ≠infinty

  5. James Mac777 9 months ago

    I believe in the order of operations that divide by any zero should be first, because 1/0 *0/1 is 1 (where the zeros cancel each other), and this is non-sense, because infinity is incomprehensible and undefined as a number.

  6. The Primordial Gamer 9 months ago

    10÷0 =10 Who said we cant Devide by Zero? I just did 😎😎🤓

  7. avenuecity949 9 months ago

    My rivals did that anyway.

  8. #FF0000AnubisFace 9 months ago

    so you’re telling me that after all those calculus classes… 1+1 is actually 3? 😦

  9. WARwithPC 9 months ago

    Zero is like fire🔥anything it touches it becomes it. Also zero is invented by India 🇮🇳😁

  10. Kali Omar 9 months ago

    Javascript say hi 😀

  11. Niranjana Pottekkat 9 months ago

    Ted ed, I have a doubt, if any number divided by itself is 1; then isn't 0/0=1?

  12. GKM Gaming 9 months ago

    I had to learn this the hard way when I kept dividing by zero on a calculator and it was saying "ERROR ERROR ERROR!"

  13. Mayday Information 9 months ago

    Thank you now I can sleep

  14. Mayday Information 9 months ago

    Thank you now I can sleep

  15. Rachie 00000 9 months ago

    5 ÷ 0 =5
    If you divide it by 0 then you technically do nothing to the original number so it's still 5.

  16. **{[Redacted]}** 9 months ago

    Zero is everything and nothing

  17. jeff Mccutcheon 9 months ago

    What would happen if 1=2 and 0= infinity?

  18. binh nguyen 9 months ago

    oh my god!!!!!

  19. Đinh Đức Nhân 9 months ago

    Such acceptable results of 6=3.

  20. theo t 9 months ago

    The square root of 9 is 3 and -3. Why do we accept this possibility in that case but not when dividing by zero? Couldn't we just say that infinity times 1/0 is every number?

  21. pratiyush prakash 9 months ago

    I understood this. Please explain how 1+2+3+…. = -1/12. ?

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